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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Hello 2020 and welcome everyone to my new blog...here is where you will find much more information about me and my little wedding cake business. Hopefully over the next few months I will be sharing lots of wedding stuff such as, supplier info, wedding and wedding cake inspiration and shouting out to some of my wedding industry friends. First up is my thoughts on the 2020 wedding trends we are going to see...

Sustainable Weddings

Trends come and go but I hope this one stays around forever...sustainability is something that has always been at the heart of my business and at times I have often found myself at odds with the 'throw away' wedding industry. But I am so pleased to see that eco friendly weddings were on the rise in 2019 and as we all make our best efforts to ditch the plastic and 'consciously consume' 2020 wedding couples will bring this mindset to the forefront of their weddings. Gone are the days of plastic favours and confetti, 2020 weddings will be full of thoughtful gifts such as seeds (to be planted for bees) and using natural products as centre pieces and place settings.

Key to making your 2020 wedding sustainable is sourcing your food and drinks from local suppliers who also take their environmental responsibilities seriously. You will be pleased to hear that all my cake ingredients are supplied by local businesses. Anything that can't be sourced from the Peak District (cocoa,sugar,lemons etc) are all bought from ethical or fairtrade producers. You can find out more about my local suppliers over the next few months as I introduce you all to some fab local businesses who help me to make my cakes!

Bold Colours, Maximalism and a return to the 70's

Minimalist weddings are still going to be popular but I think the desire for individuality is bigger than ever. Couples are going to go for bold colours (thanks Pantone - I love Classic Blue) an explosion of patterns and fabrics, statement centrepieces and food that harps back to the glorious days of the dessert trolley...black forest gateux anyone?

Banquet tables and communal dining.

Round tables and formal dining are out...it's all about long tables, with beautiful floral centrepieces, fairylights and creating a relaxed and informal dining experience, with sharing platters and grazing tables. This looks amazing if you are lucky enough to be eating outdoors but this works really well if you're getting married in a long barn, castle,

city warehouse, village hall or country house.

Amazing Floral Arrangements

Dried grasses, coloured and intermingled with wild and statement flowers, suspended over your banquet table combined with floral aisle and table runners, or styled into a beautiful frame for photo opps.

Cakes Taking Centre Stage

With couples embracing their individuality and wanting to present their guests with amazing experiences throughout the day, its finally time for wedding cakes to take centre stage! Nothing upsets me more than when I spend hours making beautiful bespoke wedding cakes only to find when I get to the venue that they have been relegated to a rickety table in the corner with nothing more than a plain white cloth. If you are investing in a one off bespoke cake created and designed specifically for you need to show it off! Thankfully there are lots of ways to do this, floral decorations matching your theme, unusual and quirky stands (often can be sourced from your cake designer) styling your cake table in the same way as your dining tables, use frames and hoops to create height and depth and add finishing touches with lighting, silk ribbons and flowers.

Well that's my thoughts anyway...what are you planning for your 2020 wedding? Get in touch if you want to chat cake with me!

Love Ali xxx

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